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Board Policies

Casper-Alcova Irrigation District Water User Policies

Adopted by the Board on 04/06/2021

The Board of Commissioners has the power to establish equitable rules and regulations for the distribution and use of water to and upon the lands of the District.


District: The Casper-Alcova Irrigation District, or CAID.

Water User: The Landowner or Lease Holder of record for any water-righted property serviced by the District.


  1. A recorded, platted subdivision of two or more parcels or lots, serviced by the same point of delivery; or

  2. Any two or more contiguous parcels serviced by the same point of delivery.

Water Orders and Delivery


  1. Season: The irrigation season shall be from May 1 st to September 30th . A minimum of 40 acre feet of water orders are required for the canal to begin operation. Delivery may be terminated late in the season when Water User demand falls below a level that is efficient and cost-effective for delivery.

  2. District Office Hours:

    • May 1st — September 30th: work hours for office staff are from 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

    • October Ist — April 30th: work hours for office staff are from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Thursday.

  3. Ordering: Water orders are to be made by 2:00 PM the business day before water is needed except orders for Monday are to be made by 2:00 PM Sunday by leaving a message on the CAID office voicemail. Orders made after 2:00 PM will be placed on the following day's water order list. All orders shall be made in accordance with the water ordering guide.

  4. After Hours: After hours and emergencies shall be handled by the District's Operations Manager. Water User's emergency contact telephone number shall be recorded on the District Business Office's answering machine.

  5. Delivery: Water shall not be delivered or turned off without an order being recorded at the Business Office. If water is ordered, the Water User shall take delivery of the complete and full amount of water ordered. Verbal notice by phone will be given when the regular allotment of water has reached policies for 75% and then again at 90% used. Once 100% of a Water User's allotment is reached. any water used thereafter shall be subject to a supplemental water charge as described below in Section 8. All water orders for delivery or cessation shall be made by calling the District Office. There shall be no water turned on or off on Sundays or holidays except in case of an emergency turn off. In case of emergency, water-users shall call the District Manager.

    • The district will make reasonable attempts to deliver water to the point of delivery on schedule, but shall not be responsible for any delays, interruptions or shortages in the delivery of water or excess water that may result from the acts of other Water Users, third parties, or District Operations. 

    • Ordered water that is not diverted for appropriate use after six (6) hours will be shut off and the Water User will have to contact the District before the water will be turned back on. If it happens a second time, the water will be shut off for a period of seven (7) working days. All Water orders are for 24 hours and are charged as such.

  6. Point of Delivery: The point of delivery shall be at the measuring device for any given field and the water must be applied only to a valid water allotment. All pumped water shall be pumped from the downstream side of the measuring device and charged to the water-righted ground allotment. If there are any questions regarding the location of water-righted ground, the Water User should contact the District Business Office.

  7. Demand: Water will be delivered according to demand until such a time the canal and lateral system capacity is reached. If a lateral has reached its maximum carrying capacity and more Water Users want water, the water will have to be prorated as follows:

    • Example: If the lateral services a total of 1000 acres and the Water User has 100 acres, then the Water User will be able to get a maximum of 10% of the carrying capacity of the lateral. If the lateral carries a maximum of 20 sec. Ft., then this Water User will be able to get a maximum of 2 sec. Ft. Any occurrence not covered in the above circumstances shall be brought to the board's attention for consideration and resolution on an individual basis.

  8. Supplemental Water: Supplemental water availability will be voted on and approved or disapproved at the discretion of the District's Board of Commissioners at the July Board Meeting. The District will allow each landowner up to an extra acre-foot per irrigated acre they own. This is only charged if the landowner has used more than their allotment of 2-acre feet per acre and the Board of Commissioners has approved the use of supplemental water. Supplemental water will be charged to the Water User at a rate of $11.50 per acre foot. In order to request supplemental water, the Water User must submit a supplemental water agreement to the District's Business Office.

  9. Subdivision Delivery: All Subdivisions shall appoint a designated Watermaster. It is the Subdivision's responsibility to keep the contact information for the Watermaster and the information in the Agreement, current, up-to-date, and filed in the district office.

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